Corporate health insurance

Corporate health insurance: minimal effort for employers, but maximum benefit for employees!

Finding and keeping the best employees is a major challenge for most companies. The health of employees is increasingly becoming a decisive factor. Wouldn't it make sense to offer your employees a bonus from which you as an employer also benefit?

The health offensive in a nutshell

  • The corporate health insurance is a private supplementary health insurance for your employees. You take out occupational health insurance for your employees and finance the premiums.
  • Your employees benefit from comprehensive health services - without health checks and waiting periods!
  • In this way, you increase your attractiveness as an employer on the labor market and retain your employees in the long term.

With corporate health insurance, modern employers achieve two goals with one and the same action: you offer your employees real added value, which strengthens their bond with your company, and at the same time you ensure that employees stay fit and productive. The corporate health insurance offers start at less than €10 per month.

The result: less fluctuation, less absenteeism due to illness and faster filling of vacancies. When an employee leaves the company, it costs about 120 per cent of his or her annual salary - so €20 per person for a corporate health insurance plan is clearly a worthwhile investment.

Are you ready for healthy and happy employees?

We have summarized the benefits for you here

Benefits for you as an employer:

  • Positioning as an attractive employer
  • Increased employee satisfaction, loyalty and willingness to recommend the company to others.
  • Efficient and cost-effective additional staff benefits (alternative to salary increases)
  • Reduction of absenteeism due to illness
  • Expenses are tax-deductible as business expenses

Advantages for your employees:

  • No health check, no waiting periods and no exclusions
  • Sensible supplement to statutory and private health care provision
  • Excellent health services for your employees and their families

Why SureIn?

With SureIn's help, there are health benefits for everyone. We are a reliable and transparent partner - because the health of your employees is at stake!

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