How well does your insurance protect your business?

Attention! Your insurance covers not every damage. Even the most expensive insurances do not necessarily guarantee full coverage.What should be considered when canceling an insurance policy, and why should you watch the cancellation deadlines?

How well does your insurance protect your business?

You have signed up for your insurance, and you are sure: "In case of damage, I am covered!".
Attention! Your insurance covers not every damage. Even the most expensive insurances do not necessarily guarantee full coverage.

It is important to note: Not all insurances apply to every business. There are many money eaters, and individual advice is vital. What should be considered when canceling an insurance policy, and why should you watch the cancellation deadlines?

The right insurances

To provide your business with the best possible protection, you should take out an insurance policy tailored to your individual needs. To keep an overview and avoid covering unnecessarily high costs or taking out unnecessary insurance, you should consult an expert.

You can turn to insurance intermediaries, a collective term that includes three professional groups. Insurance agents, insurance brokers and insurance consultants. While agents are bound to one or more insurance providers and only broker contracts of these providers, Brokers act in the customer's interest. They independently search the market for the best offer. Here you do not incur any costs for the contract brokerage. Consultants also act independently of a provider, but you already have to pay a fee for the consultation. Some brokers also offer to consult services against the payment of a fee.

At SureIn, your independent broker, we offer the best coverage, completely tailored to the needs of your business. By working closely with our clients, we ensure that your business is optimally covered. In the SureIn app, you get an overview of all your contracts. We show you which insurances are still necessary for your business and which could be optimized. Of course, there are no costs for you. The advice from our experts is also provided at no cost to you.

Cut unnecessary costs

It is also vital that you have an eye on not spending a lot of unnecessary expenses on your insurance. Unfortunately, the assumption that more expensive insurance automatically offers better coverage is not always valid.

Let's look at the situation below:
You operate a restaurant and have a cold storage room to store your refrigerated goods. In the morning, you enter the kitchen and discover that the refrigeration system has failed overnight and all goods have to be disposed of.

When you notify the insurance company of the damage, you find out that refrigerated goods are not included in your contents insurance.

You compare insurance quotes from other content insurers and discover that there are other providers with whom you would have paid a lower rate, and the loss of your refrigerated goods would have been covered.

Our SureIn insurance experts will find the most efficient insurance package that meets the needs of your business. After an individual consultation, you will find a clear comparison table in our app showing you the most suitable contracts from different providers and indicating the best offer. So you can always find the best insurance for your business quickly and reliably.

Contract termination and notice periods - what to consider?

If you are no longer satisfied with your provider, the price or the services offered, you can cancel your contract. As with any contract you sign, you should be aware of the cancellation periods for your insurance policies.

Typically, after their minimum term of one or three years, insurance contracts are automatically extended by another year. The termination period is three months. If the insurance company does not receive the written notice of cancellation in time, or if they find some other reason to show the cancellation to be invalid, the insurer must reject your cancellation, giving reasons.
In some cases, an extraordinary cancellation is also possible instead of ordinary cancellation.

We at SureIn make sure that you never miss your cancellation deadline again. You will receive a timely reminder for each of your insurances that it is time to cancel your contract if you are no longer satisfied with it. In addition, we usually propose contracts with a minimum duration of one year so that you can react more flexibly to changes in your business.

Why SureIn?

SureIn finds the most suitable contract for you to protect your business optimally. Our service is entirely free of charge. You save time and get the best support from our experts on "optimal insurance." Our algorithm checks the offer on the market and informs you if there is a better alternative for protecting your business.

Find out now where your commercial insurances can still be optimized and whether you are still missing insurances for optimal coverage.