In 4 steps to the ideal business insurance

Find the right Business insurance for your company. We guide you through the four essential steps and show you how SureIn makes the process even easier for you.

In 4 steps to the ideal business insurance
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Four steps that's all it takes to find the ideal coverage for your business.
But, with SureIn, it gets even easier than that.

Have you ever been annoyed at finding the optimal insurance for your business? Well, you are not the only one. But it will come to an end right now.

We'll show you how to quickly ease your mind and settle your commercial insurance with little to no effort. It's already June. The first half of 2022 is almost over. How about letting us help you find the best insurance policies for your business to make sure you're well insured for the second half of the year?

Take part in our challenge to determine how well you are currently insured and where there is room for optimization.

Four steps: that's all it takes to find the ideal coverage for your business. And SureIn makes those four steps even more effortless.

Step 1: Gather information

First, you should gather information about which insurances are mandatory or recommended for your industry. Since a business has to consider different insurances than a private person, it is easy to lose track of which insurances are essential and which are not.

Because we don't want you to spend your valuable time researching insurance, here at SureIn, we gather all the critical information for you. All you have to do is register for free on our website or App and answer a few quick questions about your business. We will then collect and visualize all information on insurance policies meeting your needs in your dashboard. With our app, you have access to this information at any time without wasting valuable time researching insurance.

Step 2: Seek advice

Who actually gives you reliable advice on the subject of commercial insurance?
Is it the insurance consultant hired and paid by insurance companies, or is the advice you receive from your family and friends enough and reliable? Do you have to scroll through the internet and listen to the advice people have given there?

The answer is easy:
SureIn is also your reliable, cost-free partner when it comes to advice. As independent insurance brokers, we are not bound to certain insurance companies, but we can select the best contract for your needs from all insurance contracts available. Our Insurance experts are also available to answer any questions you have or help with any problems.

Step 3: Contract signing

After you have gathered information and received advice, you should be sure that the insurance you are considering taking out is necessary, its coverage is sufficient, and the situations in which the insurance will apply are as broad as possible. Afterward, the contract must be signed.  Attention: note that your insurance contract's material and technical beginning can have different dates.

Our SureIn App offers a complete overview of the most important contract conditions, making it easy to understand the contract right away. We also compare the most important key data of all possible contracts to highlight the best offer for your needs. The App also features digital signing to reduce the paper chaos that comes with insurance contracts. You can easily read and sign your contract online. If you prefer to keep a hard copy, you can download and print it through the app. In addition, your personal dashboard shows all contracts for each location, allowing you to keep all your paperwork in one place. Our team of insurance experts can assist you and take over the process of concluding the contract for you if you wish, free of charge.

Step 4: Optimization

Once the insurance contract for your company is signed and you can run your business without any damage, it can happen that the contract will be forgotten. However, the insurance contract should be updated periodically, as the value of your insured equipment can change.

At SureIn, we send you regular optimization proposals or adjust your contracts with your consent. Our algorithm constantly checks whether your contract is still the most efficient for you and informs us as soon as a better offer is available. On your dashboard of our free app, you can check your current insurance status and view alternative offers for contracts that need to be optimized in a clear comparison table.

SureIn offers you a free, all-round service for the ideal business insurance. We support you in accomplishing all four steps and stand by you as a partner at all times. As a result, you save time, optimize your expenses and get peace of mind regarding business insurance. Your dashboard holds all your insurance contracts in one place. No more searching for papers. You have it all right there. For support, you can reach our experts 24/7 via phone or chat.

SureIn makes the challenge for the second half of the year '22 very easy. Now that you know how to insure your business ideally, are you ready to start freshly insured in the second half of the year 2022?
Sign up now, find the right insurance for your business, and optimize your existing contracts.